About That Time

by Jess Loh

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released August 5, 2018


all rights reserved



Jess Loh Melbourne, Australia

Born in KL, Malaysia, she spent her formative years in Ipoh and is currently located in Melbourne, where she juggles between being a full time doctor and a musician.

Influenced by the likes of John Mayer, James Bay, Coldplay and Of Monsters and Men, her music is laden with pop and folk sensibilities that draws you in with her catchy and meaningful lyrics.
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Track Name: Rubble
We’re back to the darker days
Heavy weight on my back
Climb the mountain but get nowhere
Lay me out strip me bare

It’s too late to stop me now
I’m halfway gone
Reaching for the alcohol
I’ve lost control

I’m tired, broken from all of the madness
I’m trying to find the words to say
Pick up the pieces they lie in the ashes
And then you’ll find me in the rubble
Oh then you’ll find me in the rubble

Lift me from slumber daze
Bury me in grace
Build me a castle of sand and
Watch it fade away

It’s too late to save me now
I’m too far gone
This life has so much more
I’m trying to find
Yeah I’m trying to find it
Track Name: Strange Strange Land
My visions they're so vivid that I cannot forget
Sleepless nights are all I have left
Cower in the shadows my life and my death
I settle down I take one last breath

Fall into a strange strange land
Find a foe or find a friend
Lonely hearts get buried there
Follow me come on if you dare

So hidden are the mysteries of this mind- made world
Wait and see the colours unfurl
Fight battles in the castle or sail out to sea
You can be who you want to be
You can be who you want to be
(When you)

Stunned into dead silence by my reverie
Is this a message or a memory?
Need some direction to live in the now
Oh I need somebody to show me the how
Track Name: Carousel
Be still my beating heart I think its
Beating for you
Watching you smile across at me I
Melt in a pool

And it’s more than feeling
I can’t believe it
My heart is bringing me down
And my mind’s quickly fading
I think I’m going crazy
Oh my –yyyy

Here we go again
On this carousel
Not knowing where to run
Or just how far
We are spinning round
Reaching out
Pulling back
You might think I’m lost
But I know I’ve found
A part of who I am

On this carousel eh eh el eh eh el….
On this carousel eh eh el eh eh el

Your hands they fit so perfectly I
Just play it cool
My hands my feet are trembling I
Feel like a fool

And it’s more than a feeling
I can’t believe it
Track Name: Dangerous Game
Sleep my dear
For night is drawing near
My eyes are red
And they are glazing over

I just want to go back home again (x2)

Fall asleep to the sound
Of your heart beating
Hold me close till daylight comes
Till I stop breathing
If I could live this way
Safe for another day
But love is a dangerous game to play

Walking fast
But goodness knows I’m lost
Deep in my heart I know
How much this would cost

I don’t wanna be alone again

Fall asleep to the sound
Of your heart beating
Hold me close till daylight comes
Till I stop breathing
If I could live this way
If only you would stay
But love is a dangerous game to play

Let me first decide
Or we can roll the dice
Let’s say our last goodbyes
And cry
Track Name: Two Ships
Like two ships in an ocean we’ve been sailing side by side
All the good times and the bad times we just let them ride
But the sky is getting cloudy; water’s starting to rise
And the silence that’s between us leaves me wondering why

We’re drifting apart
Let’s get back to the start

Send me a sign or I might lose my mind
All these emotions in my head, they’re never gonna fade
Oh these changing times took me so long to realize
That I’ve been clinging to the hope that we can make this right

For a second I was hoping, that this storm would subside
Send a lifeboat for there’s nothing that could calm this divide
Take a map out mark the moment where we went our own way
Not forgetting, just suppressing, what we wanted to say

We’re drifting apart
Oh you’re breaking this heart

Oooh oooh
Why won’t you make this right, make this right
Oooh ooh
Still I gotta try

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